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The document frequently refers to “roadside advertising.” This term is used to include all
advertising signs and devices which can or are intended to be seen by road users whether they are
motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.
“Roadside advertising” includes advertising that is:

  1.  located within the road boundaries
  2.  located on private property near a road
  3.  permanent or fixed in nature
  4.  temporary or movable in nature
  5.  vehicle-mounted advertising or other advertising on vehicles.

“Roadside advertising” in this context does not include:

  1. direction and information signs as specified in the Manual of traffic signs and markings
  2. displays inside buildings that may be visible from a road or other public place.

“Roadside advertising” is not confined to advertisements that are conveyed by means of signs.
However, since most such advertising is in a sign format this document refers more specifically to
signs, particularly in the advice relating to the design of roadside advertising, than to other devices
such as aerial displays, banners, spinners etc.

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