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trichy theatre slides designing

Advertising with light in a semi-dark room can be tricky. You’ve probably noticed that at the theatre some slides are hard to read while others are crisp and clean. A good designer with experience creating powerful on-screen slides knows how to keep the design simple, limit the amount text and the number of images, and combine and avoid particular colors to increase readability. (Click each of the three images within this post to see examples of our work.)

Trevellyan.biz offers theatre slide creation for businesses of all types. To create one ad (two slides) for your business, we charge $150. For this fee you get up to two original designs concepts and up to three revisions of one concept.

We can work with your materials or we can suggest something new. If we work with your materials, we will evaluate its quality and resolution and let you know if it is adequate. If new images are required, we will show you the image we are recommending and will let you know how much it will cost to purchase.

If you have an idea of how you would like the slide to look, share it with us. Make a rough sketch or bring samples of things you like. We’re most likely to get a design that accurately reflects you and your company if we have all that information upfront.

If you will be advertising at our local theatre, The Crandall, we can deliver the slide to the theatre for you. When the slide arrives, we make an appointment to view it on-screen before it submitting it for rotation, just to make sure it looks good.

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